“I discovered a small universe  by collecting environmental sounds and images of street walls” Nonturn


Directed by Kawashimatekkojo


Inspired by Nonturn’s photograph on the album cover, a movie director based in Wakayama prefecture Kawashimatekkojo created a minimal and delicate music video for the track “Identify”.


“The image of “Identify” seems like strata, which is a layer of condensed time. Over the years, it has been damaged, scraped, weathered, producing its own atmosphere.

I visualized the lapse of time in accordance with the music that embraces the memory of the image.” Kawashimatekkojo

​" Territory Exhibition Tour "

18 photographic works by Nonturn including his most recent works will be exhibited in the town where "territory" was recorded.

In  kong tong

From 16th to 30th May





3-30-10 Ikejiri Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

5th Floor, Sanshu Building



Mon. - Fri.
11:30  to 16:00 & 18:00 to 26:00

Sat. - Sun.

12:00 to 26:00


In  SUB Store

From 2nd to 16th Jun.




3-1-12 Koenji-kita Suginami-ku, Tokyo




Fri. - Mon. 15:00  to 24:00

Wed. 17:00 to 24:00


Tuesday : Closed

Nonturn - making of "Evidence"

A making video of "evidence" recorded in Nonturn's album "Territory".


Nonturn 1st Album "Territory"

The album “Territory” is a soundtrack for an artwork containing nine images of street walls in Tokyo. The collected street sounds were processed to build a personal utopia, which echoed the sounds of city and imitated the real world.


Nonturn / Territory

Audiobulb Records / AB077 / 2018

Release date : May 16, 2018

Format : Ltd CD + Digital Download

Information : www.audiobulb.com

Nonturn - making of "Evidence"

A making video of "evidence" recorded in Nonturn's album "Territory".

mooor 1st Album "Elmer and Elsie"

“Elmer and Elsie”

This work focuses on "distance".  We recorded oscillators
(e.g. sirens, hustle and bustle, frogs, engines, a contrabass) from a distance of centimeters, meters, and kilometers, then edited them by controlling the oscillators' pitch, rhythm, and texture to construct huge and elaborate sustained sounds that sound like music.


mooor / Elmer and Elsie 

mooor Procuct / MP001 / 2012

Release date : Oct 11, 2012

Format : Digital Download

Information : mooor.jp


Composed by Nonturn and Mulllr

Photography by Nonturn


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